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Gah. My mother never listens to anything I tell her.

She goes "OMG, there's no dial tone down here, what do we do?"

Mom, Go upstairs, see if there's a tone there.


go look. Try it. Then we'll know if it's just that phone.


Well, is it working? is there a signal?

Oh, no.

OMG, my cell died as I was calling the phone company to complain! What do I do?

Mom, you can use the phone when it's on the charger.

What? No I can't, it has no battery power.

-_- When it's on the charger, it's being provided with power.

I don't believe you.

*she tries it anyway and succeeds, without saying anything to me*

So, we have no home phone. And Mom's going on a trip tomorrow, so no one will be around. The earliest the phone company can be here is Saturday- between 9 and 6. I'm working Saturday. All day. I'm not off again till Wednesday. This is going to suck.

Also, my DSL is very very slow. Most likely related to the phone service sucking. It's been over a year since the phone cut out like this, but it's still so not totally acceptable. *flips Verizon off*

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