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woohoo for days off

so today is my and andrea's day off. woohoo. we are going to go to santa monica and have fun on the boulevard. failing that, we are going to go shopping and roaming around until it is time to meet jeffry-ho for lilo and stitch. everyone, EVERYONE i have talked to says that it is the bomb-diggitiest movie ever and that i have to go see it. yey!

last night we went over to jeffry's place and played super smash brothers melee and monkey ball on gamecube until almost 1 AM. sw33t with a capital 3

the weekend was... interesting. saturday afternoon was ctyfest, the high point of which was, for the kids, having a shaving cream fight and throwing cheezy poofs at another RA's head. Andrea, Nick, and I were very stressed about saturday night, movie night, because LMU and CTY had been working against us at all costs, but we succeeded, even though we didn't have enough tv/vcr's from the very beginning. everyone was watching movies and happy. :)

i am very very very very sunburned from saturday. rah.

yesterday i took my hall to albertson's, a supermarket somewhat nearby. they bought lots of food and then complained that they couldn't carry it.

the phone magically reappeared in the lounge. ooh, spooky... ;-)