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livejournal needs to stop being a ho and let me look at entries more often. it pisses me off that the server is down so much.

i am totally digging this whole no-class thing on tuesday and thursday mornings. too bad i have to go back next week.

The weather is so gross. i can't wait for it to get back to normal. last night at 8 o'clock was absolutely perfect, but today it's going to be ass-hot again. well, at least it's not supposed to be SO hot...

i am happy, because on tuesday i finally got the new sheryl crow cd! yey! i have been waiting for it since spring break, when we saw the video for "soak up the sun" in pittsburgh.

eek... i have a lot of work to do tonight. i am conducting in lab band tomorrow, so i have to have a warm-up prepared. feh. and on saturday, i am taking the praxis exam, a national teachers' test, at home. double feh. all of the information is at home.