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insomnia, sort of

I definitely have issues. And skills. I have mad skills and issues.

So the dust allergies have been combining with a cold lately, making things very interesting.

I've been packing up my entire room, with approximately 900 boxes full of books, to move to my grandma's house. Our house goes on the market tomorrow (Friday) so my parents can begin work on their new house in PA.

I woke myself up about 3:00 because I was coughing. Looked around to find some meds, turns out we're out of Nyquil. I don't know how the hell we can be out of nyquil. So I took some Dayquil instead. We'll see how I survive the night.

Also, a recurring injury. 2 weeks ago I slept kind of funny, strained my neck, so the entire left side of my neck was stiff and ached. The pain had almost entirely gone away, until I slept funny again Tuesday night. *sigh* So I've had heat pads and the like out all day, and I was sleeping on a heat pad for less than 3 hours *double sigh* until I woke up.

I just wanna go to sleep... Using my leany-pillow thing would let me sit up higher so yuck doesn't congregate in my lungs, but it would no doubt aggravate my neck, and wouldn't let me lie on the heating pad.

Is it bad that all I'm thinking is "I'm up, maybe I could work on my knitting?" Even though I know I'm too tired, and I'd mess everything up. *more sigh*
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