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Flashing my stash!

Ok, so I'm a little late. I didn't have any internet access on Saturday, so I'm flashing everyone now. :)

Hi, I'm Jessica, and I have a sock yarn problem.
sock yarn

There's some good stuff in here (2 skeins of La Luz silk goodness, a cone of Habu Textiles cobweb-weight), but there's some utter crap (Red Heart Super Saver on the left. Also, I have a very lot of funfur. When did that happen?
random yarn

I've got some knitpicks stuff here, a bunch of Moda Dea Tickertape I got for $2.50 a skein, 2 reclaimed sweaters, and random baby yarn that is probably almost as old as I am.
Everything else

In comparison, here's my rather meager fiber collection.
Lorna's Laces Motherlode Wool Top
Vineyard roving

And then, in addition to these, there's also my fairly recent order from Knitpicks, which has already been related.
Tags: yarn porn

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