Jess (lieutfaber) wrote,

World Cup

I am apparently insane, and I like to push myself with my knitting. I participated in the Knitting Olympics, and made a cabled hoodie sweater in 16 days. I have just finished the World Cup, in which I made a huge lace shawl in 30 days, from kick-off of the first game of the World Cup to the final game of the tournament.

I win. :D

This is's Rona Lace Shawl, in Alpaca Cloud- color Iris.
Um. It's still drying, so I don't have any wearing-of-the shawl pictures.

Pre-Blocking Pre-Blocking

This is the completed shawl prior to me even considering blocking.
Edging Edging

Pre-blocked edging
Blocking Blocking

The full shawl, wet-blocking with lots and lots of pins on the carpet
Blocked edging Blocked edging

Just to see the difference. It's pretty nifty.
Miles of lace Miles of lace

It just seems to go on forever!
Blocking Blocking

Different lighting...

Tags: finished objects

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