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Fun in #wheel

SnakeOnAPlane (Anon0720@6ca5ecdd.6ca5f0bf.74.129.imsk) has joined the channel
Chria O_o
* SnakeOnAPlane bites Chria
* Roland_ kills the snake
* Chria sucks out the poison
* SnakeOnAPlane devours Roland
* Ariana cheers on the snake \o/
Ariana sorry chria and rolo << >>
Roland_ :p
Chria >_>
* Chria feeds the snake an Accepted.
* Melisande_ stays far away from the snake *blinks*
* SnakeOnAPlane coils around Melisande
Aidan *rofl*
Ariana i would complain
* Melisande_ pets the snake
Ariana but hey, i'm not on a plane!
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