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So this is a new attempt. I'm posting this at my vox account, seeing if this whole magical "cross-posting thingy" really works.

I've not had much to say on a serious note in a long time. All that I've posted in my LJ has been memes, and lots of them. I guess I feel that my life has been pretty darned stagnant. I get up, go to work, come home, go to bed. Woo. Exciting.

I've recently gotten back into a little game that I like to play on my computer. It's apparently pretty popular with the kids nowadays, all hanging out in the World of Warcraft, and some such nonsense. Who knew? Anyway, the expansion pack (Burning Crusade) came out two weeks ago, and I'm having a great time. I started a Draenei Shaman, and I've gotten her to level 23 in just over a week. My Blood Elf is languishing at level 9 cause priests are just too squishy to survive. :(

I have, of course, still been knitting. I've got many pictures still to (take and) upload, and loads in my flickr account to be talked about here.

My ferret Annie had a minor incident today. I had her out of the cage because I was cleaning it, and as I put her back in, she lingered in one spot too long, and I inadvertently closed the door on her tail. She just kind of froze and stood there, while I panicked and reopened the door. She didn't make any noise at all. She seems to be over it now, though, so I don't believe there was any damage. Cats are much more demanding when you step on them.

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