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ra pastimes

one of our favorite pastimes once the kids are safely away in study hall is to lie down on the ground at St. Roberts. there is a huge patio, and at 7:00 it is still nice and toasty warm. it's great for your back, too.

i went to writing class today to observe... it was highly amusing. we played a round robin story game, and they were hilarious when we were done. my girls rock! it makes so much of a difference to have girls who actually want to be here and who love their classes.


Jul. 18th, 2002 09:34 pm (UTC)
i just realized that whenever you say "my girls", i imagine you with a bunch of tiny jessicas, all chained together....eeps...weird
prof forrest got drunk and set off fireworks.. then he smoked cigs. weird...
one of the kids from Alberta, Ken, came back today to visit Kumi. He remembered me!! it was weird.
our year was so much nicer than this years kids. we rocked. (well some of us not named nutter did)