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sunday, sunday, sunday!

i love sundays here. there is nothing that we have to do. i got up, went to breakfast, went to the office, went to the computer lab for an hour (!), went back to my room and did some crossword puzzles or something, went to lunch, then back to my room, went to the supermarket w/ the girls, and w/ andrea's hall, then my room, the office to resolve a lockout, back to open the door, kleptoed a bunch of stuff from the empty room in my hall (no more broken phone! yey! and now i have a bookshelf outside my door so i can put stuff there), then back to the office to make a new mailbox cause the one i have is really ghetto, then to the mac lab, which is where i am now. that has been my day. it sounds very busy, but i have had a good day. that is also the longest sentence in the world.


andrea and i are being stalked by a 15-year-old. O_o


Aug. 19th, 2002 05:14 pm (UTC)
its because he/she wants to kill you both.