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The meme that is not a meme, really.

1. Security Systems Technician (Maybe I should talk to zhareen about this one...)

2. Furniture Finisher O_o

3. Picture Framer

4. Upholsterer

5. Tailor / Dressmaker

6. Bicycle Mechanic O_o

7. Musical Instrument Builder and Repairer (This one I could see...)

8. Massage Therapist

9. Pet Groomer (Tyes?)

10. Gunsmith (Sweet. All I have to do is take those home-study courses that Sally Struthers used (wanted to spell that "yoused") to hawk on TV)

13. Sign Maker (Huh?)

19. Glazier (Dude, I would so instantly cut myself on a pane of glass.)

21. Parking Lot Attendant (Most boring job evar?)

24. Environmental Health Inspector (OSHA FTW!)

28. Special Effects Technician (Pushes someone off a building. ^_^)

29. Musician (My major...)

32. Airline Customer Service Agent (Oh hells no, I saw that show on A&E)

34. Cashier (>_>)

36. Taxi Driver (Do I amuse you?)

40. Casting Director (Have you seen my couch? *eyebrow waggle*)
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