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So new iPhone update came out today. The mystical magical one that installs the iTunes Wireless Music Store.

iPhone decided it didn't want to install properly. :|

Decided it wanted to be restored. :|

So now it's reloading 7 GB worth of data. \o/



Knee is still painful. Ice pack is in freezer, being froze. Grandma was taken to the airport today to go to Kentucky for a WWII reunion of Grandpa's division. They're called the Polar Bears, because during WWI, they were stationed in the Arctic. Not so much during WWII. He was the cook in Italy. *nodnod*


Metroid Prime 3 is on hold for a bit cause I can't sit comfortably to play it. :|

But I got the guide cause I have like a negative sense of direction. Makes running back somewhere in less than 4 minutes before you get blown up a bit difficult.

Also also: It is September 27. And it is 79°. WTF, weather? WTF?


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Sep. 28th, 2007 01:35 pm (UTC)
That's odd, you seem to have a pretty good sense of video game direction (from here on out: VGD), at least in FFXI. Maybe it's the FPS mode and speed at which the game plays that's doing it to you?
Sep. 30th, 2007 09:04 pm (UTC)
No, that's just cause I've been playing FFXI for fricking 3 years now.
Sep. 30th, 2007 10:25 pm (UTC)
Ok, so in other words...we need to go all Matrix on you and dump 3 years of Metroid Prime 3 mapping data into your head?
Sep. 30th, 2007 11:07 pm (UTC)
Does it have to be Matrix? Can't we go all Flight of the Navigator on me and install the maps that way? >_>
Sep. 30th, 2007 11:13 pm (UTC)
Ooh! Yes! That could work too! Had totally forgotten about FotN.

.....But wouldn't your brain leak then?
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