Jess (lieutfaber) wrote,

can i get a big woohoo for days off?

also, woohoo for relatives coming to visit from san diego. yesterday my aunt lucille drove up to visit since i was here, and took me and andrea to the getty(it was my idea). in comparison to the met in NYC, the art was pretty unremarkable, but the buildings and site were cool. the museum itself is built on the side of a mountain, and you have to take either a tram or a bus up to it. there are about a gazillion fountains, and a huge "central" garden that is off on the side. random comment: museum food is always ridiculously overpriced.

after that, we got lost driving around UCLA, and attempted to find ice cream. we saw a baskin robbins, then could not find it again, and wound up having haagen dazs instead. no complaints here... there was a huge tennis tournament occurring at UCLA, so there were some very interesting traffic patterns. woot. we eventually found our way back to the 405, which was moving v e r y s l o w l y, so we took the opportunity to sneak off to the santa monica freeway, which ends at lincoln blvd, which goes right by lmu. whee.

andrea and i hid in my room for about an hour and read during activities, since we wanted to remain "invisible" to the kids. we took the bus up to sepulveda (in westchester- "home of LAX"- is that anything to brag about?), and had dinner at IHOP. i dropped off my film for 1-hour developing and... i'll get into that later. they said it wouldn't be done within an hour, which i could cope with, so i just decided to go back the next day, iow, today. problem with taking the bus to dinner, however, was that there was a HUGE accident probably a half-hour later, involving 1) a big blue bus, 2) a car, and 3) another car. car #1 got hit by big blue bus, flipped around, then slammed by car #2. ouch. the entire road was shut down, and oh, did i mention that that was EXACTLY the bus route we needed to be on? so we walked around a little and harassed animals in petco, then went a little further up the bus route and figured that they had a detour. they did. we made it back safely, then proceeded to jeffry's apartment to watch ocean's 11. damn good movie. we then played the traditional super smash buttons, with the traditional whooping of our asses by the super-ho, and ending with andrea and i having to walk back across campus to our rooms amid poop-water from the fountains (yes, they use recycled water for irrigation. eeeeeeeeeeew.)

today we had to jump back into our "normal" schedules, including the "traditional" thursday meeting with activity sign-ups. rah. then we went back to the drug store to pick up my pictures. it is now 11 in the morning, 17 hours after i dropped off my film, and i am told it will be ready in 1/2 hour. we are not going back there again. there is another drug store down the street by starbucks, and they win. mmm.. starbucks. you can sit and watch planes land out the front window- it was way too hot outside. I saw a JAL 747 (?)- the one with 2 floors. i forget what kind it is. i'm happy enough just to be able to identify the carrier. let jeffry be the dork who can identify models... after coffee, my film was done. woot. there are some DAMNED cute pictures of julie in there. :)

we are succeeding at not eating lunch on campus this week. monday: sushi. tuesday: chinese in santa monica. wednesday: overpriced museum sandwiches. thursday: kfc/taco bell.

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