Jess (lieutfaber) wrote,


So apparently, "Not yet" means "not until today".

Cause I bought Guitar Hero 3 today.

And I paid off the rest of Super Mario.

So all I have to do on Wednesday the 13 is waltz in, say "gimme my game!", sign some papers, and waltz back out with Mario. \o/

I also went to Ikea.

Wait, let me go back.

I went to the mall today because we got an email saying that our NFR copies of Leopard had (finally) come in. So Leopard is now installing on my Powerbook. Yay for meeting the bare minimums!

While I was out, i figured, lemme go for a ride. Took 78 east to Ikea. Had Swedish Meatballs (tasty) for lunch.

Sang Coulton's Ikea song the entire time in my head.

And they were rather tasty, especially when the Lingonberry preserves melted into the gravy.

I am lame, and only got a set of cardboard magazine holders and a dustpan.

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