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12 days of Christmas, Jess-style

On the twelfth day of Christmas, lieutfaber sent to me...
Twelve mythbusters drumming
Eleven chobits piping
Ten podcasts a-leaping
Nine x-files dancing
Eight tidus a-milking
Seven miis a-swimming
Six rpgs a-job-hunting
Five ame-e-e-erican gods
Four wii sports
Three good eats
Two online quizzes
...and a chicago in a david duchovny.
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Apparently I like video games and such. Who knew?


In 2008, lieutfaber resolves to...
Find a new ffxi.
Keep my ummb clean.
Spend more time with my rpgs.
Tell my family about kingdom hearts.
Pay for my miis on time.
Find a better accepted.
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:tug But I LIKE my Accepted. *snugses Melina*
*rofl @ "Spend more time with my RPGs* *halo*