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Happy New Year

All right, so it's the 2nd. But Happy New Year all the same.

I am, as usual, sick again. I'm congested, and somehow, my eyes hurt. My eyes have never hurt before. O_o I slept for something like 11 hours last night, and am exhausted. It is 9:30. I should not be exhausted. :| Stupid sickness. Stupid lack of immune system. *rolleyes*

In other news, I am a level 63 troll hunter in WoW. Thank you, thank you. :D I lurve my troll, and I lurve my puppy. :D Nighteyes is a good little wolf.

I got my GRE scores back. They officially say I'm smart. ^_^ Who knew you could get a 5 out of 6 on the writing for talking about Harry Potter? (Thank you, Hogwarts_Elite application for making me write about fate vs. free will!)
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