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it's good to be back. i got a wireless phone jack extension, so now i have a phone line in my room. if i get a splitter and a phone, i can have a phone AND my computer. i should do that.

so, having a cold when you are flying is not recommended by me. it totally screws with you when you fly across three time zones. >_< i am mostly better, now.

julie missed me. she wouldn't talk to me for about an hour cause she was mad and missed me, but she got over it.

jeffry, andrea, i apologize for not emailing, etc. when i was supposed to. believe it or not, i am still alive.


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Aug. 7th, 2002 09:04 am (UTC)
It's Sirinya...congrats, you survived!
Hi Jess!
It's Sirinya, you know, Jeffry's friend who got marooned at CTY Malibu (Pepperdine). Aaaah! Sounds like you had one hell of an adventurous time working at LMU and w/ one of MY fav administrators--cough, cough she's from Long Island. Actually, she isn't that bad. Just kind of ditzy. It could've been worse. You could've been at Malibu and dealing with this stupid, mean octogenarian Academic Dean who stacked the ra's and ta's against each other. Oh, and this is CTY Malibu we're talking about here, so when I see the abbreviation RA, I don't think R. A., I think "ra" as in ra-ra-shish-koom-ba. Ugh. Ditto with the ta's. Did you have Tiff and Charlotte TOGETHER or just Charlotte? *study hall... at least you had that two hour break. CTY Malibu underwent some ridiculous schedule fiasco that concluded with a 1-hour study hall and two HOURS of hall time with my beloved tweens. I liked them, but man, I pitied the ras who didn't like their kids. So now you know what Jeffry and I were raving about for something like 46 weeks. The only good thing about CTY Malibu might've been the beach, which I went to about three times a week. Celebrity sightings are overrated.

Peace out and enjoy your nerd camper-less days before school starts!
Aug. 7th, 2002 07:17 pm (UTC)
Re: It's Sirinya...congrats, you survived!
fortunately, i guess, i only had char. things were interesting... she was enormous friends with one girl for the first week and a half, then she started pissing the other girl off, after she had switched to be roommates with her, of course... kids are weird. at least i didn't have the hall with lice... no, that was the OTHER hall on my floor...
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