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Jess's recent discoveries

1) Fleece Artist Bordello Sea Wool is quite nice yarn. ^^

2) has free videos to watch. :D I'm currently watching Ghost Hunters International, having already watched Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth. Hm, they have Stargate Atlantis, all the Scifi original films :x , ST: Enterprise, and lots and lots of other stuff. :D And all because iTunes hasn't posted the new episode of Cities of the Underworld yet. :|

3) Apparently mentioning on a forum that you are learning HTML will get your Head of House to ask you to help her with a website. XD

4) Knitting groups are a good thing, because I get to be social AND to knit in public.

5) I need a new keyboard. It likes to randomly repeat letters. I wondder if the keyboard that had a cola-like substance spilled into it is working? I shall have to check it out, as it would be free, rather than purchasing a new keyboard. :|
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