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Apparently, I celebrate my 6th blogiversary by...

forgetting about it and not even posting on Friday! \o/

But, in my defense, my post last night was still in the same period of consciousness as Friday... >_>

Another anniversary is coming up, though. On April 29, 2002, I made the decision to go for a paid account. A mere 18 days after signing up. XD The best part is a quote from one of my friends on the benefits of a paid account at that time:
bright side is you now have 10 pictures to chose from! and quick server...and...12 usercodes to share and...
hmmmm, an empty wallet

>_> I currently have 83 userpics out of 142. I have more than 10 for Hufflepuff alone. :D

Anyone else kinda wish for the old days of usercodes? It was like when you needed codes for GMail. You just felt kinda special about it.

Um. I just amused the hell out of myself. So people in the White Ajah *eyes the guilty parties* have gotten us all hooked on this Goodreads site. You enter the books you own/have read, and put in reviews and such... Etc. etc. I put in a bunch of my books, and now I'm organizing them.

Long story short, I just created a bookshelf named "long-ass series". It's for Sword of Truth, Wheel of Time, and probably Harry Potter and the Gunslinger series, too. :D

Also, I seem to be allergic to my air freshener. :|