Jess (lieutfaber) wrote,

Jess's thoughts as she watched the season finale of Lost tonight

Miles is awesome. "What do I mean?"

<3 Locke and Ben

Is he talking about what I think he's talking about?
If you mean time-traveling bunnies, then yes.

Videos never work on this island.

That heart rate monitor sounds very much like the trick Ben pulled on Sawyer last year.

Ben's going all Inigo Montoya!


OMG, want to see WALL-E!

I still don't know who the dude that they're talking about is. Except for Mr. Funeral last year...

zomg, the voices are on the boat! So are people who see the dead really dead too? Claire should be dead (she got blowed up, after all), and she was with her/Jack's dad, Michael sees Jack's dad, and he tried to commit suicide lots of times, Locke sees him, and he got shot at point-blank range and left for dead...

Batman commercial!

Bah, I wish I could remember Ben's line about separating the emotional from good decisions.

Awww.... *snugses Ben* Is he just being Ben, or is he really telling the truth for once? Hm. Big heavy coat (same one he was wearing when he appeared in the desert...). Want.

"What do I tell them?"
"You'll find your way, John. You always do."

"I hope you're happy now, Jacob."

What's with the ice?

Ooh, shineys.

Well. That could make it a bit difficult to get back now...

*pondering* So BOTH islands are gone? Will we ever find out wtf the island with the statues is?

I wonder what the phone says...

I was gonna make a comment on ZOMG WHISPERS THEN CLAIRE SEE SHE'S REALLY DEAD but then it was a dream.

"It's a miracle." Another miracle...

And Miracle #2 within 5 minutes...


"I had a tracking station"... Was it her tracking station at the end of season 2? Or her dad's?

Gr. My tv sucks, and I can't read the name on the warehouse.

Well, we know it's not Ben. That was the theory I'd read online.


Well, looks like you've got some fences to mend, Jack.

BWUH? Was that Locke?

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