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well... i had an interesting day.

too lazy to type it out, so i am goign to paste in a conversation w/ andrea.

Me: i had an interesting day
Me: after aol up and quit on me this morning...
Me: ~ 1-ish i was playing the sims.
Me: then, suddenly, i have no power at all in my room.
Me: ok, i figure, i'll just go down and reset the circuit breaker.
Me: it doesn't work. i try again and again and again, and nothing happnes
Me: happens
Me: i call my dad, tell him what's wrong, mention that as i was unplugging everything, one of the outlets was very hot.
Me: he says, whoa- call an electrician. that could be a short circuit.
Andrea: Hum that does not sound good
Me: called the electrician.
Me: it was a short circuit
Me: he said that i should not have so many electronics in this room.
Me: but he blamed the person who did the wiring for the short circuit, despite the fact that the wiring was done 15 years ago.
Me: (my dad did the wiring)
Andrea: What do you have other than a computer, a phone, and printer?
Me: he fixed the short circuit, and i have power again. yay.
Me: stereo, AC, TV, lights, lamp, PS2, phone charger, clock radio
Andrea: That does not sound like that much
Me: only the AC, stereo, and computer were on when the circuit melted down
Me: this is all only on one circuit, tho
Me: the heater in here has 2
Me: $165 later, my room is not broken anymore.
Me: after i called the electrician, i had a dentist appointment
Me: i am flawed!
Me: i have 2 cavities
Andrea: ick detists no fun
Me: i have an appointment on september 9 to get them fixed.

finally, i had my interview for build-a-bear today. it went pretty darned well, i think. he said i should hear from them by tomorrow, and if i don't, i can call and harass. :) i like harassing. :)

random fact: it takes an ass-long time to download 17.9 mb of aol installer when your modem runs at 19.6- max.

oh yeah. i got a new phone, and it rings. boy, does it ever ring. it needs a longer cord, tho. it's not long enough for me. ;-D