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Woe and sadness

We spent all day at my aunt and uncle's house with the relatives from the other side of the family. Rick and his girlfriend Sandy left about 2, followed by my parents shortly after.

Now I'm in the car with Aunt Lucille and Grandma on our way to the San Francisco airport. I've never taken a redeye before... Our flight is at 10:10, and we're due in at 6... Yay?

Oh, and have I mentioned that I came locked and loaded? I came down with a sore throat Wednesday at work, and got a full blown jess-cold on Thursday. Le sigh.

Oh, and holy crap, cause we just saw a freaking FIRE on the hills in South San Francisco. My cousin says it's San Bruno mountain or something. The smoke goes on forever. My aunt says she's never actually seen the fires before, just the rusulting smoke. 0_0

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Jun. 23rd, 2008 12:21 pm (UTC)
Red eye = teh suxxor.

Enough said.
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