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ET mode: oooooooooooouuuuuuch

ok, topical anaesthetic has definitely worn off now. had a dentist's appointment at 3:20 to get my cavities fixed. they were a lot deeper than they thought. ouch. >_< don't wanna have to use my tylenol w/ codeine... (leftover from when i got my wisdom teeth out) they had to give me A LOT of anaesthetic because they had to go deeper than they thought. it hurt.

i learned today that there is a japanese restaurant in town, right next to a thai place. yum.

my tuba is all better now. but i suck again. i should practice, a lot. i bought a new mouthpiece case, but they forgot to give it to me at the store, so i have to go back to woodbridge again tomorrow. better than paying $5 shipping. besides, i can go to the woodbridge mall while i'm there. is big. :)

build-a-ho finally called me about noon this morning. (i am a big slacker and didn't get up until 11... new personal record...). i have to go fill out payroll paperwork tomorrow. :)


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Aug. 15th, 2002 08:18 pm (UTC)
feel better
I apparently missed you by less than 120 seconds this evening. Hope you feel better by the time you read this. Will have to try the Japanese place sometime...
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