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So I've been thinking...

And anyone who knows me knows that's never a good thing. XD

First off, I killed a giant spider in my room. *cries* Not quite Aragog big, but damn big, anyway. Like, an inch across, legs in resting position. It got sprayed, and then flushed down the potty. :|

Now, here's the serious comment.

I've been trying to sort the characters from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. (You know, sort a la Hogwarts?)
I'm using information from wikipedia in my thoughts here.

I think Captain Hammer at least SEES himself as a Gryffindor. However, he's a priggish obnoxious one. I had wanted to say a Gilderoy Lockhart style one, but it turns out we don't actually know what his house is. XD CH thinks that he's going out doing all the right things for all the right reasons, ignoring what the reality of the situation is. His self-absorption makes it nigh-on impossible for him to actually pay attention to anything outside his little world. "You could have killed her!" "I remember it differently." As far as his alignment, he sees himself as Lawful Good. *nodnod*

The good (I mean evil) doctor is a lot harder. He is Gryffindor at heart, I think. All he wants is to change things, but he wants it to be for the good of society, which is a very Hufflepuff desire. (Even if he wants to be the one to rule it.) He's most definitely not pure Slytherin, because he can't bring himself to do what he needs to in the end. At the dedication, he's standing with the death ray aimed directly at hammer, and he simply can't pull the trigger. You can see the hesitation in his actions, and he's ALMOST relieved when the freeze ray malfunctions. He also doesn't want anyone who's not involved to get hurt- none of his warning shots go into the crowd, and he points out to Johnny Snow that there's kids in the park. He's got a touch of Ravenclaw- how else could he have built the awesome rays? He's not REALLY evil in the core. And yet he wants to join the ELE. I see him as chaotic good, anyway.

Penny's a Gryffinpuff. She's working for her cause (the Caring Hands shelters), but all she really wants in the end is love. (See: Story of a Girl)
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