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So. T'other day- Wednesday? Yes. Wednesday. It snowed.

Hurray, snow.

My grandmother thought she'd help me out by cleaning off my car.

With a fracking METAL SNOWSHOVEL.

Yeaaaaaaah poor little Bob didn't like that so much. :(

I didn't notice it yesterday, cause I was in a hurry and such, and it's worse on the passenger side, but today I noticed that the poor little thing had been scratched all to hell. :(

There are large swathes of paint missing on the ridges on the hood, scratches all down the passenger side, and all across the hood. :(

I'ma go to Maaco tomorrow and get an estimate. :( Course, it may be cheaper to just get the little guy repainted entirely versus a spot job. O_o

Enough :(s for you?

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