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i had a pawsome day, how about you?

<cinderella mode> well, excited and scared...

so tomorrow is a big big day. 1) kids come in for real. today was 6th grade orientation. they had each class for 7 min, with 3 min passing time. by the time some of them finally got to class, it was time to leave already! i had a good time directing them to classrooms (despite the fact that it was my second day in the building and i had NO idea where many many rooms were...)

after that, i went home. chilled for a few. went to work. had fun. finished our training (!). had a practice birthday party. learned to speak a-bear-ican. it really bother's jeffry beary much. it is the pawfect thing to use to bother him. :) if you go to www.buildabear.com, there are free e-cards, and lots of fun games. if you send an e-card, it will "bear-ize" what you write on it. is furtastic.
as i was saying, the kids come in for real tomorrow. wee. and we open the store for kind of real tomorrow. is friends-and-family party. too bad no one else is in the area... i have fun. store is open twice this week (fri/sat), and i am closing twice this week.


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Sep. 5th, 2002 08:09 am (UTC)
I'm in the area
I am in the area! Good luck with the first day of school.
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