Jess (lieutfaber) wrote,

Live blogging a plane flight

I'm on a plane. I'm on a plane. Look at me mother fucker cause I'm sittin on a plane.

Not quite as catchy...

Obviously this is going to be posted after the fact. I can't really post this when I'm on the plane cause hi, I'm in airplane mode and all.

So. Insomnia of excitement and vacation last night. Figure I got about an hour and a half of sleep. WINNING.

I was excited because there is magical direct tv on this plane, then they told us it's $7.99 for it. Myeh. I have lots of cartoons on my iPad to watch. :3

My row buddy (center seat is empty~) is a very nice old lady.

Right. I've had about another hour and a half of sleep. Feel a little better. I bought one of the boxes o' snacks, and I'm getting hungry. Snacktime~

Snacks almost all gone. Coffee time. Hope it isn't as horrible as what I got from McDonalds. That was definitely a bluh bluh situation.

Just about an hour forty to go. And I just figured out how to turn off the tv screen so it stops showing ads. *facepalm*

We're in the desert somewhere. Kinda pretty.

Hey. :D They just told us we're over Meteor Crater. I've been there! I have very distinct memories of being in the parking lot, and someone's lights were on. So I memorized the plate number so I could tell someone inside.


Beginning final descent. It's like being stuck in that first drop on a rollercoaster.

And here! Guys. There are palm trees outside. O_o

I really need to visit the Room of Requirement. >_>

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