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mmm.. chinese food from the mall

also: mmm... thriller.

i had a long, busy day. kind of. well, not so busy from period 5 thru period 8. 9th period was much better. totally different group of kids. i knew they were just being hyper, not rude when they acted up.

i need a beverage. i will be back in 5 min... like it matters, since you will read this all at once... oh well.

mmm... birch beer. did you ever notice that the foam in birch beer is kind of pinkish-orange? ok, so twice just now i tried to spell "beer" as "bear"... you can tell what is in my mind, unfortunately.

my ankle hurts, so, of course, the OPPOSITE knee has to get in on the action and start hurting too.

should i get the mudslide a cupcake and a candle? a little ceremony before i drink it...

jess's schedule for next week:
tuesday: 4-9
wednesday: 5-10
saturday: 10-6
so much for going out friday night. all day is still good, but i will need to sleep. once again, I LOVE TEACHERS' CONVENTION!