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does anyone want to admit they trust a classified ad which states applicants must be "certificated?" i sure don't.

this is from one of my favorite ads:
Seeking a dynamic, organized expert in the field to supervise and motivate staff, and guide the development of curriculum, at the HS/MS level. (This position also supervises art, music, and home economics).

does that make sense to you?

mmmm... i have a purry cat on my lap kneading my leg.

and now she's gone. jeffry scared her away, i think.

so i did laundry today. julie followed me down to the laundry room a couple of times. the last time, she stayed down while i brought clothes upstairs. she stayed downstairs for about an hour. when i was going to come up to my room, i went down to check on her. she came runnign out of the laundry room mumbling little cat things to herself the way only she can. i was amused.