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gobble gobble gobble

i am still stuffed like a turkey. or a bear. your choice

happy thanksgiving, all. happy black friday eve. tomorrow is the busiest shopping day of the year simply because retailers say it should be, and it also means that it is hell for everyone who works in retail. feh.

my store manager was on the build a bear float today. i think he was one of the mascots, because i didn't see him. i will ask tomorrow.

i got a new printer cartridge. my printer is again functional. yey.

my grandparents and cousin came for dinner. brian is visiting from school in indiana, but his family lives in san diego, well, really del mar. in exchange, rick is visiting them on his break from school in idaho. good times were had by all.

i wish there was a way for my lj client to track all of the songs i go through while typing an entry, other than me just typing it all in.