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my back hurts

i slept funny on it, i guess [ha ha]

we had an early dismissal yesterday. wee. let's see if we can make it through all of next week. there has not been a full week of school in december. the 8th grade concert was rescheduled to monday night.

i am sorry i have so little to say.

jeffry: if your boss is ren, does that make you stimpy? :-D

i have a couple of new leads. i have to send out letters tomorrow. but first i should print them out. that might help a little.

ps2 games have gone on hold for awhile. i am desperately trying to finish a christmas ornament for ornament exchange tonight at the embroiderers' guild of america (ega) christmas party. i am a huge dork, i know. but i have other stuff finished for show and tell.

the wrongest line so far from vice city:
rich thug's daughter to my character as they get into a car: is it all right if i put my hand in your lap? 0_0


Dec. 12th, 2002 10:19 pm (UTC)