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today was a busy driving around day. first i went to the county superintendent of schools because i thought i had to have them fill out some paperwork for me, we were all confused, so they sent me to parsippany to have them do it. it is now done, and i can have another tb test and then my paperwork will be done so i can apply to parsippany. feh.

i went to school, then i went food shopping and bought supplies to make fettucine alfredo. yum. :) i have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

this weekend is pajama weekend at work, as well as inventory. feh.

tonight after dinner, i convinced mom to go to the mall to walk around. we went to rockaway, tho, because i am at livingston far too much. well, not this week, i am only scheduled for sunday and tomorrow.

i want some coffee. :(

i pulled out FFX today simply because jeffry made me. the jupiter sigil FINALLY came up in my league play. i am 3 games into the season. wee.


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Jan. 11th, 2003 12:45 am (UTC)
Like, whoa......

The fully powered weapons are a definate plus for the last battle (esp if your guys are right around the border values for doing 10000 or more), but not essential. Either way, beat that bloody game!

PS -- If the 3rd of Never is the next time I see a bloody chocobo or have to play blitzball, it will be FAR FAR too soon.
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