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it's snowing. again. rah. but we are only supposed to get up to an inch... i dunno how righ tthey are about that...

i had a nice day. went to the store, picked up my paycheck. got a new bear. purple bear.. nikki's bear... supports children's cancer research... :(

drove around and around and around, then wound up eventually at edgewater and found excel saga manga vol. 2, tanpopo's greatest hits cd, and had yummy fried squid (mmm... tentacly) and onigiri (triangular rice balls) for lunch. i did, of course, stop at whole foods to get my jamba... mmm.. they made a good orange berry blitz, much better than the one i had in MD.

this morning, my mom gave me 2 goals for the day. all i had to do was pick up her prescription, and buy milk. i remembered the prescription at least....

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