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well, i'm procrastinating again

i have an interview tomorrow at 10 am. ergo, instead of double-checking my papers, i am cleaning my desk and playing online. doh.

my hands, as usual, are numb

i went shopping in random places today. i got a new remote control at target (pronounced, of course, tarzhe. it is much classier that way. i also took great advantage of winter clearance sales. i got a new pair of khakis for work, and a new set of satiny jammies (mom says they are not jammies, i could wear them to school w/ a tank top underneath), all for less than the cost of the pants. wee. i wanted another big floaty kimono-ey top, but they were all out of my size. i will have to check the store in the mall.

julie thinks she's a chinchilla. we went outside for a walk today, and she was taking dust baths every 5 seconds. she wanted to bring some of the outside in with her, i guess.

i am excited. last night i ordered the theme song to excel saga :) - the single, the full cd by the excel girls, and, this is the best part, the japanese single from rent! it includes seasons of love, another day, and um... i forget. i know there are 3 tracks tho. i will have to make mp3s and mix cds for people. :) i will have lots of fun in system 9, tho, since my imac itself cannot read little discs, like i know the singles are, so i will have to use the burner, which osx doesn't see. it just doesn't exist, i don't have the right drivers for it. :(

oh yeah, and i sent out 4 job applications today.

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