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woo for relaxing evenings sitting around doing nothing

so dad built a fire. we sat/lounged around the living room reading all evening. and i do mean ALL EVENING- from 7-10, basically.

i forgot about my adventures today after fingerprinting... i went for a drive. i went to find the closest petco to me (yes, i am lame), and discovered that 1) the directions on yahoo were wrong. and 2) it is in the best strip-mall in the world. there is a panera (sadly it was too crowded, and i decided not to stop for lunch), there is a mini-barnes and noble, there is an amc theater (no chicago... gr...) and there is petco. i had a good time :)

i was highly amused by some lyrics from "me and my baby" on the chicago broadway soundtrack:
i was a one once
but now i'm a weeeeeeeee!

in case you were wondering, yes, kiki is being delivered a pixy stick. very dangerous. :) image is only slightly edited.
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