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i saw chicago! i saw chicago!

actually seeing the movie has finally correlated data w/i my head. 1) the music is brilliant. 2) we both reached for the gun is an awesome song, and the staging is also brilliant 3) renee zellweger kicks ass 4) billy flynn is mean! and 5) um... what do you mean catherine zeta-jones has a british accent in real life?

i actually decided today to take a mini-road trip down to the menlo park mall (in edison- about 40 min from here) because i figured it would be more fun to walk around in a nice mall than in downtown montclair. i stopped by build a bear there, talked to them. they were very nice. they accused us of stealing "their scott", and people there realized that i knew leslie (who worked there, transferred to livingston for a few months, but missed it and menlo and went back home). i made one of the valentine's bears. she is wearing a limited too outfit- a denim skirt with a white peasanty top with a butterfly on it, but she also has a wizard outfit, ergo her name, bearmione. i know, it's an awful pun. :)

i left the house at 11:30 to go to the movies, got back home at 4:30 (the film was at 1:35). there were no memorable previews at all. they didn't even play the fandango ad i like. :( they played another ghetto one. but now i know that there's a rainforest cafe and a cheesecake factory there.

when i got home, dad made me do some of his grunt work for the yearbook. i got to go through hundreds of surveys and figure out who the superlatives are. >_< it's not nearly as much fun as it sounds. and now my back is kind of sore from the chair in the kitchen. i am not exaggerating when i say i spent 4 hours doing that today. but he gave me $20 for it. wee.

also, a couple of days ago i ordered beauty and the beast (the special edition) on dvd, as well as the new diana wynne jones book (british edition) from amazon. i love free shipping. it was shipped monday, expected to take 5-9 days. it came today. :-D well, of course, i haven't had time to look at either... but i'm sure the dvd will look great on our new 27" tv. oh, did i forget to mention that? dark cloud looks way good on it. :) but right now i am way stuck in the game. stupid giant monkey keeps kicking my ass....

beth kangas: thanks for the quote:
One power, with a President who has no foresight and cannot think properly, is now wanting to plunge the world into a holocaust"
-Nelson Mandela

hm... what do i do now that i've read everyone's away messages?

so, today also in the mail i got a statement from umass. it advertises that it's supposed to contain all kinds of information about the tuition i paid last year for my taxes. however, it is blank. i called the number on the form, and got to listen to an announcement stating that, i just got this form in the mail, and it is blank (well duh, that's why i'm calling...), and that the reason it is blank is because umass is not required to submit the information to the federal government (then why bother sending out blank forms?) so, basically, umass spent a lot of money printing out forms for everyone who was a student last year, then mailing them, and now they will have to REPRINT them because they are dumb and didn't put the information on...... also, it stated that i can get to the info on spire... but i can't because i am an alumna and don't have access to anything useful on spire anymore except my mailing address and unofficial transcripts. feh.

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