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Payday is a very good day

mmmmmm.... money...

mmm... forbidden donut...

i am depressed a little. i must be stressed out, and not really realize it, because my eye has started its little twitchy thing again.

taking a nap in an imac carrel would probably be a bad thing...

so i roasted a chicken last night for dinner, and it turned out perfectly. yey! well, perfectly except for the fact that i didn't know which side was up, so the breast of the chicken was on the bottom, and got goopy, while the bottom got nice and crispy. oh well. it tasted yummy.


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Apr. 26th, 2002 11:24 am (UTC)
taking a nap in an imac carrel is better than taking a nap at the cons desk in mac7, which is what I'm seconds away from doing... *zzzzzzzzzz*
Apr. 26th, 2002 01:58 pm (UTC)
i am a horrible sr cons, and take naps in there all the time- BY ACCIDENT- during my closing shifts...
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