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my computer is the coolest thing ever. i am right now faxing someone my resume and application (mostly just because they didn't include a snail mail address to which i could send it).

the radio is talking about how we might be forced to get terrorist attack insurance. feh.

car went into the shop last week. it was being odd. it's all better now, from what i've seen (knock on wood)

i feel very special. Spirited Away is released next tuesday, april 15. I happen to have a copy of it downstairs. :-D I took a special trip to Best Buy in Bridgewater because they usually have new stuff out earlier in the day than the one in livingston, and i wanted to get the last excel saga ASAP. so i am looking in the anime section, and tadah, spirited away. wee. the best part is that disney has learned. the disc is bilingual, so i can hear what everyone is SUPPOSED to sound like.

oy. it's always nice to know that i am such a dork that i can identify comics by the little bitty picture in the keenspace ads.

i guess......
You're Davan! You try hopelessly to find women, but
the only ones who ever stay long enough to chat
are your best buds Aubrey and Pee-Jee. You have
the cutest cat in the world, and you're a geek.
You also have a great sense of humor, twisted
as it is, and you look at life in a great
sarcastic way!

Which Something Positive Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

i didn't think my answers were that negative......
You're Nemuri ni Yosete!

You're Nemuri ni Yosete!

Ouch -- you've been hurt, haven't you?
You're one of L'arc~en~Ciel's tamer songs, sound-wise,
but your lyrics paint a different picture. Unwilling to
face the day, you sleep, "shattered," in a dream.
You're a song about being hurt by someone and wanting
to sleep until the pain goes away. Fragile and quiet,
Hyde even uses the pronoun "watashi" in you, to demonstrate
your innocent helplessness. I hope you're okay soon...

What Little-Known L'arc~en~Ciel Song are You?

oh yeah. jeffry:keep talking about the weather, and i guarantee i will come over and kick your ass into next tuesday. :-P


Apr. 16th, 2003 06:19 am (UTC)
dubs and subs
well, it's also odd, the english version has japanese and the french dub, too. sadly, i kind of like the english dub... i feel dirty for saying that.