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i likes my laptop because the monitor does not screw up all the electronics in the room. the imac kills the radio, and makes the tv go woogidy.

all right, who decided they could make talking pop-up ads?

I scored a 52% on the "Are you really from New Jersey" Quizie! What about you?</b>

there is some kind of stain on my desk and i can't make it go away.

i have off today. wee. not as if it means anything except i am poor.

are the new dell commercials not hilarious? i love the interns movie.

my heart beats.... it's already 70 outside. i am opening the window now.

mmm... fresh air

next week is spring break from school. sw33t.

it only took 2 minutes for julie to get upstairs and into my window. she LIKES windows.

heh... paige davis from trading spaces just did a promo on the radio... "you're listening to 2 guys who really need a re-do: scott and todd."

how does one dust an lcd monitor?
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