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1) went to post office. mission: success!
2) beat 1 level in human campaign. mission: sort of success?
3) had sushi and an OBB for lunch. mission: success!
4) remembered all the stuff for the meeting. mission: success!
5) still nothing to put on this line

of course, i couldn't go to edgewater without going to mitsuwa. so i got the final fantasy x-2 soundtrack (came with a nifty little rikku keychain and phone strap), a book about ffx-2 (has all the clothing changes etc), and vol. 1 of the excel saga manga. w33. there were many dumb people on the road today. of course, it was still better than tuesday... i love being in the left turn lane, when someone thinks they can be all cool and make a left turn directly in front of you from the wrong lane, and then smile at you when you honk. asshole.

i have leftover lo mein for lunch tomorrow. it's shrimp, so my mom is fine with me eating it. no, wait. soup is for lunch. lo mein is for dinner.

i have the coolest new razor that has a built-in shaving soap thingy. it is like magic. it may also be impossible to cut myself with it... it is always at the perfect angle. i likes it.


Apr. 17th, 2003 09:20 pm (UTC)
oooh! real Emotion rulz!