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weird coincidence...

so today jeffry and i were the poster children for Traveling Matt. we were going around campus and town being the weird people putting up signs advertising TM's show on Thursday at 9-something in the Iron Horse, conveniently located in Northampton. last week when we were postering, we ran into Deva, Amy, and the rest of their entourage on their way to the Nickelback concert in the Mullins Center. so today when we were walking along the same stretch of road, i said something like, "we need to see Deva, etc. now." and they magically appeared crossing the road. it was very odd.

when jeffry and i got into town, we stopped at starbucks. i think my coffee was broken. i definitely had a grande, and i am definitely exhausted. sleepy jess. but i am amused because i figured out how to make my computer spin down its hard drive but not put the system to sleep when i am not using it. so i can leave my computer on overnight, and it doesn't make that annoying high-pitched whine. the traditional "gah, imacs are loud" noise.

i am proud. i got an "a" on the lesson plan i wrote last week that incorporates all of the multiple intelligences. yey! or anyhoo, it would have been an A if i had handed it in on time. i still say that she never specifically said that it was due that day. go me! also, i finished one of my etude books today in my lesson. i have been playing out of that book for the last 4 years. i only have one more lesson left at UMass. wow.

i so want to buy the soundtrack to "Rent" in German, or the single in Japanese. how awesome would that be?